Dalaric + [ 4x06 vs. 4x22 ]

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Anonymous - I thought you'd quit TVD?

So here’s the thing, I was out. I was going to quit at the end of the last season. I said to a colleague “I am totally, 100% quitting at the end of this season.” and he’s all “Nope, you’ll find a reason to keep watching.” and I replied thusly, “The only way this show could keep me watching for another season is if they bring Alaric back permanently." fully believing that there was no chance in hell.


So while that dumbass is around, so am I. 

Besides, it surely can’t be as bad as the last two seasons, right?

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Agent Antoine Triplett in 2x01 ‘Shadows’

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converting people to your fandoms and watching them spiral into insanity just like you did


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Alaric’s back tomorrow.



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this is the  r e v o l u t i o n .

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"More flashbacks? Vampire Diaries will be traveling back in time for more flashbacks this season, including one with Stefan and Damon in episode four that is set in an “era we haven’t seen before” that will “help tie together a bunch of story lines."

Caroline Dries [x]

We’ll probably know what happened in the 90s that caused a drift between Damon and Stefan. They last saw each other in the 40s, Damon was an Augustine Vampire for most of the 50s and in the 60s-70s, his humanity was off. Damon never told Stefan about that so that couldn’t be the reason why they have this tension in season 1.

Stefan did say that they saw each other 15 years ago in the pilot so if TVD’s plot started in 2009, that would be in 1994. 

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pj-quills > agent-ghoulson

Because Halloween. 

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